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Talk to your expert stylist about your aims to extend the life of your blowout after the second day. They will support you find the best items. It never harms to purchase the same items that the expert used on your hair, too. You can request them to walk you via the right steps and amount of products you should use hair clip ins.

Below are some of the top ways to make your lovely natural hair clip ins last longer!

Reject touching your hair

This tip is tricky for every person. The wonderful way your hair experiences after a blowout is a big part of the demand, but moving your fingers via your hair is the quickest way to cut down your blowout lifespan. Moving your fingers via your silky locks will quickly cause it to lose volume while activating your scalp to generate surplus oil. Defy the urge, and you will get the rewards. 

Invest in a satin or silk pillowcase

You can purchase a special stain or silk hair cap, but a pillowcase helps your hair move naturally as you sleep. Satin and silk pillowcases save your hair from the crimping and matting caused by friction on your natural clip ins.

Always use shower cap

While you don’t want, or need, to clean your hair, apply a terry cloth-wrinkled shower cap for the top result during your shower to stop getting your hair humid.

Touch-up your style with a light or flatiron product

If you notice any areas that have developed wave, crimps, or frizzes, pull out your flatiron and use Moroccan Oil.

Remove any horrible scents

If you notice a smell of sweat from bed, or as an outcome of your morning exercise, use some dry shampoo or little dab of regular or dry conditioner.

Wear a bun or ponytail towards the end of your blowout run

All best things must come to an end, but you can adjust the fantasy of your blowout until your upcoming appointment by styling your hair in bun or ponytail.

Doing your own blowout at home is not the same

Anytime you can keep yourself the issue of trying to replicate a further styling hand, and eyes in the back of your head, the excellent life is. And no issue how amazing of a blowout expert you become, it is no secret that an expert blowout session forever turns out better at the hands of a skillfully professional blowout stylist. 

Forgot to include the brand it’s called My Natural Hair Extensions


My Natural Hair Extensions